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Sprain or Strain?

Many believe the terms “sprain” and “strain” can be used interchangeably. While some characteristics are similar, the two terms actually refer to very different things! Both definitely are injuries, but to completely different tissues. Let’s take a look at the…

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What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

I am sure many of you have heard friends or family members who have said “Sorry, I can’t eat that, I am keto now” or “I am trying the ketogenic diet,” but what exactly does this mean? The ketogenic diet…

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Magnesium In The Body

Every day people ask me “what is magnesium” and “what is it good for?” Therefore I thought this would be a good topic for my first blog! Let’s review what is does. Magnesium has a variety of purposes and nutritional…

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New Year’s Revolution

This past week we posted a video to our Motivation Monday YouTube series encouraging you to start your New Year’s “Revolution” today, rather than waiting for the New Year to begin. Typically most who make a New Year’s ReSolution fall…

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Why We Love The Holidays

No matter what holiday you celebrate, this time of the year is inevitably joyous and uplifting. If you don’t agree with that, then there is a good possibility you are the Grinch. Unfortunately Grinchitis is not something that we treat,…

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Patient Spotlight – December

In the spirit of the holidays, this month’s Patient Spotlight presents to you the self-proclaimed Mrs. Claus for veterans! If you’ve ever looked up the word “spunk” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance Max’s picture is next to it.…

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Discectomy Surgery

If you are a fan of the NFL, a Jets fan in particular around here, you more than likely already know that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is out for the foreseeable future after injuring his back. This…

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7 Holiday Health Tips

As we kick off the holiday season, many will embrace it with open hearts (and wallets), and some with anxiety and stress. Now whether you are Buddy The Elf or The Grinch, you are probably guilty of neglecting your health…

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Manage Your Stress Our Way!

So what is one to do about their stress? Since it is nearly impossible to completely rid yourself of it, manage it. You could, like Ron Burgundy, call a friend and vent or you could EXERCISE. Yes, exercise of any…

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