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Patient Spotlight – December

In the spirit of the holidays, this month’s Patient Spotlight presents to you the self-proclaimed Mrs. Claus for veterans! If you’ve ever looked up the word “spunk” in the dictionary, there’s a good chance Max’s picture is next to it. Over the years, she has channeled that energy into passion for assisting veterans throughout the state. As a member of the Keyport-Matawan Elks and VFW Women’s Aux, Max makes annual trips to the Lyons Veteran’s Hospital to fill giant stockings with Christmas presents for the vets. Spreading holiday cheer does not stop there for Max. For many years, she coordinated Christmas parties at the VFW where veterans would come by the busload from all over to enjoy Max’s holiday cooking. Max lives to motivate and uplift people, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our family.

A few months back Max tripped while shopping at a store, falling forward onto her already bent arm. Max injured her elbow and knee; her knee got better, but her elbow got worse. After visiting a doctor who told her that her elbow was fine, she simply went home to take care of her husband. She followed the doctor’s instructions and iced the elbow but her pain and swelling continued to get progressively worse. Max eventually went to the hospital where it was determined that she actually fractured that elbow! A relative who was an existing patient of ours implored her to come

“I feel like you guys are my family. Every day, everyone is happy to see you. I had a lot of fun.”

Max had her initial physical therapy consultation with Dr. Michelle and the two immediately connected. Their personalities played so well off of one another that their time together never felt like work. “She made it fun for me even though it was hard work” Max said. It wasn’t long until Max started to see results. She noticed than her pain was dwindling and she began to regain strength and motion in her arm that was previously useless. “Michelle helped me through so much I can’t even tell you.” Prior to engaging in physical therapy treatment, Max couldn’t do many of the things around the house that we take for granted. She relied on the assistance of her friends to complete daily household chores like cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, and making her bed. However, Max made steady and marked improvement. Michelle knew that Max was getting better when she noticed that Max was dancing out of her chair after completing her arm exercises! Max also rightfully dubbed her exercises using a hammer as “Hammer Time,” which seemed to always evoke the song to be played when it was time to do them. It only seems appropriate! Max is now fully back into the swing of things just in time for the holidays. For that, and a strong new friendship, Max is grateful for Michelle’s work; Michelle is equally grateful for Max. Thank you, Max, for inspiring us all and for bringing your great energy to our family. You are a true success story, and it is patients like you that keep us going!

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