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Shoulder Pain at Alliance Orthopedics

Shoulder pain is a common condition among athletes and weekend warriors alike. It can stem from any of the bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons that make up the joint and may cause pain that worsens when moving the affected arm. Repetitive motions like throwing, swimming, or swinging a golf club can further irritate these structures and cause pain.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Although it can have several different causes, shoulder injuries tend to fall into two major categories: overuse and traumatic injury. Overuse injuries can be caused by an activity performed repetitively, such as swimming or throwing. These activities may cause tendons and soft tissues to swell and place too much stress on the shoulder joint.

On the other hand, traumatic injuries are caused by a blow to the shoulder or a fall. Any impact to this area can cause damage to the ligaments, tendons and muscles, which can cause a great deal of pain.

The most common causes of pain include:

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Symptoms of  pain may be associated with nerve impingement in the neck area that causes pain down the arm to the elbow, forearm, and wrist. It is even possible for shoulder problems to cause radiating upper back pain, which travels down the arm.

Signs that the shoulder pain is coming from the neck area include tingling, numbness, and twitching in the upper extremities, along with some loss of strength of grip and movement of individual fingers.


At Alliance Orthopedics, our multidisciplinary team is well equipped to provide best-in-class treatment for your pain. Our thorough approach may include physical therapy, dietary advice, medication or surgery, depending on the severity of your injury.

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