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New Year’s Revolution

This past week we posted a video to our Motivation Monday YouTube series encouraging you to start your New Year’s “Revolution” today, rather than waiting for the New Year to begin. Typically most who make a New Year’s ReSolution fall off of their promise within a few weeks, but a ReVolution may encourage you to stay on board. When people formulate their ReSolutions they look into the future and plan for what they expect or want to happen. A New Year’s ReVolution revolts against this stigma and grabs the bull by the horns TODAY. Realizing that there is a new set of rules can help hack your brain into staying on course. Traditional reSolutions are a tried and true process of something that doesn’t work. Ask yourself: how many of your resolutions have you actually followed through on?

Let’s take a common reSolution for instance: ‘I want to be healthier and lose weight.’ I’d venture to say that nearly 85% or more of New Year’s ReSolutions are to some extent centered around this, and that is fantastic! One of our biggest focuses is that every one of our patients becomes a healthier person throughout the course of their treatment, whether it be physical therapy or chiropractic. However, let’s take a look at the numbers. There is roughly a 70% increase in gym membership sign-ups during the month of January on any given year. That’s a great start, but check this out: 80% of people who join gym in January quit within 5 months and 67% of these memberships go completely unused! Talk about dropping the ball. The point here is not to encourage you to go to the gym, but to stick to whatever it is that you promised yourself for this New Year. No matter if your goals are to become pain free, walk normally again, or even shed a few pounds, you owe it to yourself to attain it! If in the past you’ve fallen into the trap of forgetting your goals like 6 minutes into the New Year, try something different! You’ll never get something you’ve never had if you never try something you’ve never done. I credit John Baker for that quote, but I’m sure someone said it before him.

P.S. It’s a myth that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Research says that number is about 66 days. Don’t give up before you give yourself a chance!

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