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Patient Spotlight – Pamela Biking To Recovery

For our spotlight this month, we wanted to shine the light on our patient Pamela, who dedicates her career to helping other people in pain as a Physicians Assistant. Pamela is also a high intensity impact trainer who believes in the connection of the mind body and spirit. When she was starting to have hip pain on her right side, this dampened her spirit as her physical pain led to difficulty with sleeping, walking, and was interfering with her daily activities. As the pain increasingly got worse her only option was to get a hip replacement. With the support of her husband and three children, Pam went in for surgery for a total right hip replacement. After her surgery, she was recommended Physical Therapy and was referred to Alliance Orthopedics from her friend at Old Bridge Pharmacy. She wanted to go back to helping her own patients and get fitness back into her daily routine. During Pam’s sessions at the Matawan office, her physical therapist Dr. Nicole designed her workouts for the week with the assistance of athletic trainers Vincent and Ryan.

“Everyone has such a positive attitude and are very supporting. If it wasn’t for the therapy that I’ve gotten here, I don’t think I’d be where I’m at. I’m in such a better place!”

These workouts included using the TRX for lunges, jumps, planks, and mountain climbers. She also utilized the slide board for cardio and to strengthen and condition her lower extremities. Pamela also got to use the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill to observe and improve her gait, which was impaired due to pain. Just after a few weeks Pam felt confident enough to go back to work, return to her daily activities and start taking fitness classes.

In fact, her sessions have motivated her so much that she decided to take on biking as a recreational activity and will participate in a 75-mile fundraising bike ride for Bike MS! She is already reaching her goal as she does about 15-20 miles a week during her sessions. “As someone in the medical profession, it was very eye opening to see just how important therapy is in a world where people take a pill to instantly feel better which can lead to more problems.” Even though she was recommended for only 6 weeks of therapy, Pam continues to go to her therapy sessions as it motivates her to keep moving towards her goal. Best of luck to Pam during Bike MS!

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