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Nutrition Watch: Back To School

School is back in session which means learning and studying new subjects, seeing old and new friends, participating in school activities and of course, the stress that comes with it all. It can be hard to always pay attention to what kind of food you’re eating when there are so many other things to worry about! Here are some foods recommended by nutritionists to help tackle the levels of pressure that comes with school work and activities.

Concentrating/Focusing – procrastination is our biggest enemy when it comes to any task that is given. Especially with studying or writing a paper for a class you need to ace procrastination can get in the way leaving you distracted and not focused. Some food groups to snack on or to cook with to make meals while studying:

  • Salmon, Beets, Bananas, Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes,

Memory power – Now that you have managed to give your complete focus and concentration on studying your material, you want to be able to have all that material memorized for your exam. These foods for snacks will aid in remembering that formula you need to use for your calculus test!

  • Broccoli, Oranges, Fish, Walnuts, Omega fatty acids, Sunflower seeds,

Energy for sports – the basketball game against another school is coming up and you want have as much energy and strength as possible to keep up during the same and have a good amount of stamina. One obvious one is of course spinach, and while you might not suddenly grow muscles on top of your muscles in an instant the same way Popeye has, spinach is filled with amino acids and tyrosine that help with your muscles. Other food groups that help with building and maintaining strength and energy for those training days are:

  • Spinach, tuna, almonds , sweet potatoes, skinless chicken, whole eggs, fish oil, broccoli,

Stress relief – With everything adding up, all you really want is to relief from the stress of studying, memorizing, training:

  • fresh fruits, eggs, fishy oil, peanut butter, green tea, dark green leaves such as kale, spinach broccoli, chamomile, green tea, and asparagus, berries, oysters, walnuts, oatmeal, oranges

Written by: Shruti Sen

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