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Unleash Your Inner Olympian

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are upon us, and one thing we might be wondering as we watch, is how do these athletes get into such incredible shape and maintain it? It all boils down to their commitment and how they train. It’s 2018 and new ways of training and recovering have emerged, and these methods have been rapidly growing in popularity amongst these elite athletes. Check out some of the Olympic level amenities you can experience in our offices.Game Ready – Getting in shape for the Olympics is a big deal, which of course means extensive training. However, the more you train the more you need to let your body recover. This is essential for the hard work to pay off. What if there was a way to safely speed up your recovery time in order to get back into training again? Olympians achieve this with Game Ready tech, which takes ice packs to a new level. It works as a cold compression wrap that regulates temperature and pressure, aiding in reducing inflammation and pain. This simultaneously allows muscle tissues to repair quicker and enables you to get to your next workout faster.Normatec – Similar to Game Ready, NormaTec uses compression to help athletes (and all of our patients) speed up their recovery. This is done through 3 different massage techniques done by a crazy looking pair of space pants (see image below). This first technique, pulsing, mimics the pumping of the legs and arms. This encourages the movement of fluid out of the limbs after an intense workout. The second technique is Gradient, which keeps pressure in one section of the leg while the next section is inflating, in order to keep fluid from being forced in the wrong direction. This allows NormaTec to deliver maximum pressure in every zone. The third technique is Distal Release, which releases the hold of pressure once it is no longer needed to prevent backflow. This combination subjects your legs to optimal fluid dynamics to shuttle inflammation and exercise by-products out of your muscles.Cupping – You might have noticed perfectly round bruises on Michael Phelps shoulder as he swam during the 2016 Olympics. This raised many questions as to what exactly was going on. These bruises are left from a form of therapy called cupping. Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine originated from China. This method uses clear cups (hence ‘cupping’) that are warmed with a lit cotton ball to create suction as the cup is placed upside down onto the skin. Cupping is used on athletes to help stimulate muscles and blood flow. The suction forces of the cup move ‘stagnant’ blood and brings toxins to the surface, which allow them to be more easily flushed from the body following injury or strenuous workouts.

Acupuncture – The benefits of acupuncture, which consists of thin filiform needles inserted into the body, range from repairing the digestive system to boosting qi (energy flow), and enhancing athletic performance. Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris went to acupuncture sessions to recalibrate his body, which ultimately resulted in winning a Bronze Medal for his team. It is has become very popular in the Olympic community since the London Olympics in 2012 and is a method that athletes turn to for a higher level of recovery, balance, and athletic performance.

Laser Therapy – Our LightForce Therapy laser is next level healing. Professional athletes all over the world use the LightForce therapy laser to recover from injury every day. The laser works by feeding cells light energy which increases their reproduction, increases blood flow, and releases healing factors. This allows Olympians (and patients in our offices) to tremendously cut down healing time.

The good news is that these cutting edge methods are not out of reach for the general population. As a matter of fact, you can train like an Olympian right here at Alliance Orthopedics where our therapists use equipment all of the treatments and equipment listed above to help patients exceed their goals and get better faster. Don’t forget to unleash your inner Olympian!

– Shruti S.

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