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Training Like A Champ

Training Like A Champ

Whether you want to enhance your stamina, your flexibility, your strength or cardiovascular endurance, there are things you can incorporate in your overall fitness workout. Training like a champ means being extremely consistent and performing hardcore exercises. Many inpiduals create a routine and then get too comfortable with it to change it. This is certainly not the way to go.

You need to make changes in your routine in order to step-up your fitness level, work harder than you ever did before, pushing your limits, and being rigorous. Here are five ways you can start training like a champ:

Consider Explosive Training

What exactly is explosive training? You might be thinking sprinting and box jumps. Indeed these are explosive exercises but explosive training is also about enhancing the tempo of your lifts. While controlled reps are effective in safely stimulating growth and maximizing, explosive training can be highly effective for your athleticism and lifting.

Here is an example, select your biggest lift, whether it is dead lift, squat, bench press, or another lift. Utilize lesser weight than you are used to. Now start lifting that weight as fast as you possibly can. Next, lower that weight in a controlled and slow motion, taking about three to four seconds. Take a breather for a second when you reach the bottom, and then begin the explosive training again.

This will help in developing your power of moving your weight quickly. Once you start teaching your muscles to pump up quickly, you will shock them with this mixed tempo and you will also be able to lift larger weights.

Enhance Your Movements

Do you love inclined walks, continuous running, or even interval training on the treadmill? These are certainly great cardio exercises. However, many inpiduals don’t go beyond the usual cardio exercises. They keep a slow and steady approach towards cardio.

If you want to work out like an athlete then this approach might not do you much good. You need to focus on increasing your movements. Start moving faster. How? By utilizing HIIT in your fitness routine! HIIT workouts are great for performing at high levels without experiencing fatigue.

You will be able to move faster and get you shredded more quickly than low-intensity cardio. Experiment with different methods, like rower sprints, interval sprints on treadmill, sled pushes, or hill sprints, to find the ones that work best for you.

Include about 15 to 20 minutes of HIIT workout every week. You can surely include more days but ensure that you gradually ease into it.

Focus on Building Your Core

“Abs are created in the kitchen” This is indeed true but this is just one side of the story. While the food you consume play an integral part in eliminating stomach fat to witness your abs, you still need select exercises to train and build your core if you want abs like a champ.

Crunches are good to flex up your neck and lower back. Unfortunately, this won’t do much if you want the body of an athlete. Your core muscles help in bracing your spine, assisting you in standing straight even in awkward stances, as well as creating stability and force. This indicates that strong core muscles can do wonders for your training and performance.

Add in exercises like bird dogs, side planks, planks, and medicine or cable ball chops to build a strong core.

Build a Stronger Backside

Many inpiduals focus on building a strong chest, quads, and core, but neglect their backside, glutes, and hamstrings. In order to train and perform like a champ, it is essential that you build a stronger backside.

Aim to do twice the amount of pulling exercises as you do pushing exercises. Determine the total sets of quads, shoulders, and chest you did, and then do the double sets of glutes, hamstrings, and lats.

If you keep on focusing on the muscles you can view in a mirror, and neglecting your backside then eventually you will experience issues like injured knees and shoulders, neck pain, and back pain.

Keep in mind that almost everyone has a bad posture nowadays, especially the inpiduals with an office job. If you keep on prioritizing the front and ignoring the backside, this will only become worse. .

Opt for Yoga for Stretching

If you want to train like a champ that means you definitely have to lift plenty of weights. But are you performing enough stretches? It is important for you to understand that without frequent stretches, your muscles are getting tensed and stiff – this ultimately affects your performance negatively.

If isn’t easy for blood to constantly circulate through these tense muscles. Bloods transfers nutrients and oxygen into the muscles which help in building and repairing your muscle tissue. Moreover, it also helps in removing waste products and toxins that get left behind in your muscles after you are done with your workouts.

When you stretch, it enhances the blood circulation in your muscles. This means they are also getting sufficient nutrients, and as a result, the soreness decreases. It also enhances your overall comfort, range of motion, improves joint health and posture, and decreases your injury risk.

Another thing to keep in mind is that stretching here doesn’t mean performing a stretch and holding it for a few seconds. Opt for yoga to perform the stretches effectively. If you haven’t performed yoga before, it is best to take a yoga class. Yoga will benefit your performance by helping you get a stronger back and good posture.

Training like a champ will require plenty of effort, patience, and rigorous workout in your part. Keep these five useful factors in mind while assessing your current workout routine. Start making changes and you will see a major improvement in your performance. Make sure you are consistent with these changes in order to be rewarded immensely!

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