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The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Into Great Shape

The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Into Great Shape


Getting into shape doesn’t have to be complicated, yet so many of us tend to over-complicate it. The bottom line is beginners can get into good shape, and they can do it fast. Here is a short beginner’s guide to getting into great shape.


For starters, stick with the basics. Say goodbye to eating potato chips, fast food, fried and junk food in general. Focus your meals on fruits, veggies, nuts, oats and white meat (if you’re not vegetarian, of course).

If you’re running low on time and/or you’re always on the go, then freeze your dinners a week or two in advance. This is known as batch cooking. When your dinners have been cooked (such as soups), then all you have to do is defrost them, heat it up and you’re good to go. This is a good way to eat healthy, and to save time doing so.

There is nothing wrong with having a cheat day (or two). This will keep you motivated to continue to eat healthy. Eat what you want on your cheat day. Who knows, eventually you might not even crave a cheat day every single week, which will only help you reach your fitness goals faster!

The key points to take from the above are:

  • Don’t look at healthy eating as dieting
  • Eat with commonsense in mind
  • Consume fruits, veggies, nuts, oats and white meat (optional)
  • Freeze dinners a week or two in advance
  • Have 1-2 cheat days per week

Weight Training Regimen

Simple 4 Week Weight Training Regimen

As for your weight training regimen, you want to train in a way that is intense and will help you get into shape fast. It is possible to see a difference in your physique within a short period of time. Here is an example of a training regime that you can use and/or modify to your liking.

  1. Week One: Light Weight

Use light weights with high reps.Ideally, you should be doing 15-20 reps per exercise you do.

  1. Week Two: Heavy Weight

The heavier the weights, the fewer reps you need to do (6-8 reps). Heavy weight will push your workouts to the limit and you will definitely feel the burn.

  1. Week Three: Giant Sets

Choose 4-5 exercises for the muscle you’re training and do each exercise consecutively. A rest is taken after the last exercise has been completed, and then you repeat this 2-3 more times.

  1. Upper/Lower Body

The last week involves doing your entire upper body one day, followed by lower body the next day, and then doing the upper body again the following day. It’s up to you how much weight and what exercises you do. Just make sure you alternate between the two.

Remember: consistency is key!


To get into shape fast, you’ll want to focus on short cardio workouts. Cardio everyday for only about 20 minutes a day will go a long way. Make sure you do a different cardio workout each day; whether it’s walking, walking on an incline, jogging, running, or dancing.

To sum up the above, you’ll:

  • Do cardio every day
  • Do it for four weeks straight
  • Do a different exercise every time
  • Keep things short/20 minutes

Stay motivated, be consistent and train hard. This is how you’ll get into great shape.

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