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Game Ready Treatment Technology at Alliance Orthopedics

Game Readyยฎ treatment technology is a four-phased approach to healing and preventing sports-related injuries while helping to maintain optimal wellness. In addition to treating sports injuries, Game Ready treatment technology is also used to help treat joint pain and vascular conditions without surgery.

The Four Phases of Game Ready

1. Cold Therapy

Cold therapy decreases pain, swelling, edema, and muscle spasms. Cold therapy also minimizes metabolic activity and the need for oxygen, resulting in reduced secondary tissue damage.

2. Compression Therapy

Compression therapy prevents edema formation and removes any swelling associated with the injury. Compression therapy also helps reduce the risk of blood clots.

3. Active Cold Therapy

Active cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, draws heat away from injury for a more efficient temperature reduction. The cold helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Active cold therapy also stimulates blood flow which is needed to reduce swelling.

4. Active Compression

Active compression mimics natural muscle contractions, allowing for optimal lymphatic drainage, increased blood flow, and oxygen delivery. Active compression also pumps edema out of the injured area and stimulates tissue repair, accelerating the healing process.

How Does Game Ready Work?

After suffering a musculoskeletal injury, your body initiates physiological responses to help defend the surrounding damaged tissues. While inflammation is a natural mechanism in the healing process, controlling inflammation can allow the body to heal faster.

Traditionally the RICE (Rest, ice, compression, elevation) method has been used to control swelling, muscle pain, and other symptoms of sports-related injuries. However, Game Ready goes beyond the typical static cold compression RICE provides and uses ACCEL (Active Compression & Cold Exchange Loop) technology.ย 

ACCEL technology proactively helps lymphatic function while encouraging cellular oxygen supply to stimulate tissue repair. Using ACCEL in conjunction with our highly trained chiropractors can help accelerate and enhance your recovery.ย 

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