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Patient Spotlight – Stroke Awareness

Since May is National Stroke Awareness Month, we are putting the spotlight on one of our amazing patients who didn’t let his stroke keep him from getting better. Following our gut instincts can either make or break us. For our patient Kerwin, it saved his life when he suffered from a stroke 4 years ago. Kerwin took it upon himself to go to the hospital when we woke up to a strange feeling in his body. The ambulance informed him that he simply pulled a muscle, but Kerwin insisted that he go to the hospital. Low and behold, the physicians at Robert Wood Johnson declared that he had a hemorrhagic stroke, which can lead to disability and even death. As a result from his stroke, he completely lost feeling on the right side of his body and went through two surgeries. The hospital recommended that he start in-patient physical therapy. For the next 12 weeks up until December 2014, he began to do Physical Therapy. However, he felt that something was missing, “Even after months of physical therapy I didn’t feel like I was making as much progress as I wanted to.”

“I would highly recommend Alliance Orthopedics. I give Dr. Mike and Dr. Aimee nothing but praises. The entire staff is focused on my recovery efforts and it shows!”

He expressed his concern to his physiatrist, Dr. Flemming, and she recommended that he try treatment at a rather unconventional sports medicine facility, Alliance Orthopedics. With his cane in hand,Kerwin walked into the clinic for his first treatment with Dr. Mike and has been feeling better since. “Just from my third visit, I had already started to notice results and feel the improvement.” To help with his hand eye coordination, balance, strengthening his

proprioception and working out the muscles on the right side of his body, Dr. Mike created Kerwin a customized exercise program to meet his needs.

This plan included multi-tasking activities like balancing on a Bosu Ball and catching Frisbees with his right hand, kickboxing, and going through obstacle courses with his eyes closed. As a result of his hard work, Kerwindoes not struggle with walking and no longer uses his cane. He has better feeling in his right foot, and is able to open up his hand 90%. In addition to his balance and coordination improvements, Kerwin credits his acupuncture sessions with our licensed acupuncturist Aimee, for the drastic reduction in his pain due to Central Pain Syndrome. “I see about 7 doctors and Dr. Aimee and Dr. Mike are part of my support team.” If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, don’t lose hope! Kerwin is a prime example of how with hard work, determination and a supporting team standing behind you, stroke recovery is possible. Thank you Kerwin for letting Alliance Orthopedics be part of your support system to help you get better, faster!

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