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Patient Spotlight: Josh

Whether your passion lies in the arts, fitness or sports, everything comes with obstacles and challenges. Sometimes, this can make you want to give up and try something else, but sometimes it drives you to continue to push forward and not let these challenges get in the way of your passion. This month we are putting the spotlight on our patient, thirteen-year-old Josh who did not let the challenges of his injury deter him from his passions. Josh’s interests are concentrated around sports. He plays travel ice hockey at Jersey Shore Arena and soccer for the 3M Soccer League in Manalapan. A teammate of Josh’s took Alliance Orthopedics baseline concussion screening, saw the value in it and recommended that Josh take it too. Josh initially came in for his baseline concussion screening which included ImPACT testing (a computerized neurocognitive test), Balance Error Scoring System (aka BESS an assessment for static posture stability and balance), and Standardized Assessment of Concussion (aka SAC which measures orientation, immediate memory, and concentration). Shortly after his assessment, Josh injured the Acromioclavicular (AC) joint in his shoulder during a hockey tryout. Remembering the level of care he was given, Josh’s mother immediately thought to bring him to Alliance Orthopedics Freehold. Josh had one goal in mind: to Get his shoulder Better Faster and return to the ice as soon as possible.

“Thank you to Alliance Orthopedics for helping me fully recover and get back on the ice much sooner than anticipated! ”

During his sessions, Physical Therapist Dr. Greg showed Josh exercises to help strengthen his separated shoulder. Simultaneously, Athletic Trainer Sam Pingor designed a routine that varied from week to week to safely and quickly heal his injury. They worked on total body conditioning and core strengthening for greater stability and flexibility. Dr. Greg and Sam also had Josh do treatments with the Game Ready machine coupled with E-Stim. This combination reduced inflammation while electrically stimulating and re-educating muscles for better circulation and contraction. Josh also experienced laser therapy treatments to heal injured tissue using light energy. Due to his excellent compliance with his physical therapy and strength training appointments, Josh now has great strength and endurance. As a result, he is able to resume all normal activities both on and off the ice! While Josh did say “I contribute my success to both Sam and Greg”, it should not go unnoticed that he was willing to put in the necessary work to Get Better Faster. Great job Josh!

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