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Patient Spotlight – February

Teachers are some of our best friends. We are proud to be able to take care of those who take care of our children. As it turns out, many teachers need us just as much as we need them! Meet Nicole. She is a first grade teacher in Edison, a native of Matawan, and a resident of Old Bridge. A local gal. Around three years ago, Nicole gradually started to experience excruciating pain in her left lower back that ended up shooting down her leg. It got to the point that it was difficult to sit or stand, and started to affect her ability to effectively teach her students. “I got to school one morning and the pain hit all the way down to my knee and that’s when I knew it was a huge problem.” Nicole was out of school for an entire week just trying to recover enough to walk. Doctors gave her medication to help the pain, but that just acted like a Band-Aid. The pain always returned and Nicole ended up in the emergency room soon after. Eventually the pain subsided and she was able to go back to her daily routine, but mild pain lingered in the background, along with the fear of experiencing that excruciating, bed-ridden pain again. “I should have seen a doctor but I figured it would eventually just go away for good.” Flash forward three years: the pain returned again. Nicole decided that this time she should be proactive about the issue. She finally saw an orthopedic that informed her following an MRI that she had herniated discs in her lower back. Nicole was devastated to hear the diagnosis, but it was simultaneously reassuring to finally know exactly what the problem was and begin to address it. Nicole asked around for a decent physical therapy clinic, and a coworker sent her our Facebook page. She took note of our positive reviews and decided we were the right place to entrust with her care.

“Alliance Orthopedics has been a life changing experience. The comprehensive approach between PT, nutrition, and chiro has accelerated my healing process ten fold.”

It’s been a team approach to Nicole’s care, and everyone has contributed. Nicole is currently taking advantage of almost all of our resources, treating with both chiropractors and physical therapists in addition to nutritional consultations with Dr. Amna. She notes that Monika and Dr. Amna, have kept her accountable for her health. Nicole is on a strict exercise routine of core strengthening and leg strengthening compiled by our Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sean. “They have literally been kicking my butt into shape, and I feel stronger and better each day.” After all, Monika’s mantra is ‘We’ll beat the health into you’. Nutrition meetings with Dr. Amna have helped Nicole stay honest with what she is eating, contributing to what she has called this experience: “a lifestyle change”. As a matter of fact, Nicole has lost 15 pounds since she started treating with us and is feeling better than she ever has. Nicole is no longer living in fear of her pain. She is now back normal, daily routine without the fear that her back will flare up again. Nicole can once again go on long hikes that she enjoys, sit without feeling pain, and most importantly care for her students without a cloud over her head. “Every single person that works there emanates a genuine sense of compassion. I always feel taken care of!” And we are happy to take care of you, Nicole!

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