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Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Physical therapy uses special equipment and exercises to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities that may be impaired by an injury. Physical therapy can help people of any age who have injuries that limit their normal capabilities.

With physical therapy, you can strengthen your muscles, improve range of motion, adopt lifestyle changes and prevent future injury. Doctors usually refer patients to a physical therapist first when they experience pain, as it is a conservative treatment method that makes other treatments more effective.

Why is physical therapy important? Here are the top six reasons:

1. Relieves or Eliminates Pain

Manual therapy, carefully designed exercises like soft tissue mobilization and treatments like electrical stimulation all help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and improve joint function. This helps relieve pain, enhance healing and even prevent the pain from coming back.

2. Enhances Mobility

If you have trouble walking, moving or standing, physical therapy helps you regain strength. Stretching and joint mobility exercises boost your ability to move. Physical therapists may help you use crutches, canes or other assistive devices that enable you to move until your legs regain full strength. Your therapist can design a customized therapy plan so you can perform your favorite daily activities safely.

3. Helps You Recover From Sports Injuries

Sports can cause repeated-use injuries in the upper and lower limbs and the knee joint. Physical therapists know how the sports you engage in can raise your risk of certain types of injuries, including sprains, fractures and strains. They will help you design exercise routines and assist you in recovering quickly if you have an injury.

4. Improves Stability and Prevents Falls

When you start physical therapy, your therapist will evaluate your risk of falling. If you have a high risk of falling, they will recommend exercises that challenge and improve your balance. Your therapist may also teach you how to use assistive devices to improve your safety while walking. Therapists help you restore the function of your vestibular system and handle symptoms of dizziness.

5. Helps Manage Diabetes

If you are diabetic, physical therapy can be part of an effective diabetes management plan. Exercise helps your body control blood sugar levels more efficiently. Your therapist can teach you how to take care of your legs and feet to prevent the loss of sensation.

6. Prevents Surgery and Improves Post-Surgical Healing

If physical therapy enables you to eliminate pain or heal after an injury, then you may not need surgery. If you do need surgery, pre-surgical therapy will help make your body stronger. As a result, you will recover faster after the surgical procedure.

Enjoy the Full Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you need physical therapy to improve mobility or speed up recovery after an injury, contact Alliance Orthopedics today. Book an appointment with our team of physical therapists.

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