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Everything You Need To Know About Knee Surgeries

Everything You Need to Know About Knee Surgeries

Knee pain is one of the most frequent joint-related complaints orthopedic surgeons hear from adults. While common, knee pain can become debilitating if ignored for too long, as it is often a sign of a joint issue which requires surgery. However, advanced surgical and even non-surgical procedures can alleviate chronic knee pain.

At Alliance Orthopedics, we specialize in providing relief to patients experiencing knee pain and many other orthopedic problems. Our team of highly-skilled, dedicated surgeons is here to provide optimal pain relief and help you improve your quality of life — for good.

If you’re experiencing knee pain, it’s important to get it checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. In some cases, your injury may require surgery. For more information on when you might need knee surgery, check out the sections below.

Common Reasons You Might Need Knee Surgery

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with one or both knees, you may be a good candidate for knee surgery:

  • You have chronic pain in one or both of your knees, especially when walking or bending your knees
  • You have trouble walking or performing other basic motor skills which involve your knees
  • Your pain or range of motion has not improved after substantial physical therapy
  • You have chronic inflammation or constant clicking and popping in your knees

In addition to diagnosing your knee issue, a qualified healthcare professional can determine whether you need knee surgery and which surgical option is best for you. To learn more about the most common types of knee surgery, read our section below.

Most Commonly Performed Knee Surgery

From minor surgeries to meniscus replacements, our experienced orthopedic surgical team can handle the most common types of knee surgery with ease. At Alliance Orthopedics, we provide surgical relief for most knee problems. Our most common orthopedic operations include:

  • Meniscus repair: We perform meniscus tear repairs, which are often necessary after sports-related injuries.
  • ACL reconstruction: ACL reconstruction is a common surgery after ACL tears and other ACL injuries — also common among athletes.
  • Patellar tendon repair: Patellar tendons can sometimes get torn from overuse or other damage, which can severely affect the knee’s mobility. Patellar tendon surgery is necessary to repair the tendon and restore normal motor functions.
  • Cartilage restoration surgery: We perform cartilage restoration surgery to stimulate new cartilage growth in patients with knee cartilage deficiencies

While the above are some of the most common knee surgery types our knee pain specialists perform, we offer other types of knee surgery as well. Talk with our patient advocates today to learn more about your options.

Find a Qualified Doctor to Perform Your Knee Surgery

If you’re looking for skilled physicians who are experts in orthopedic surgery, contact Alliance Orthopedics today and fill out our quick form to get started!

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