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Going forward, NJ Spine and Wellness located in Freehold and East Brunswick will be known as Alliance Orthopedics.

While our clinics are undergoing a transformation, our top priority will always be to help our community, friends and family live a life free of pain and limitations. 

This rebrand signals an exciting opportunity in our organization’s growth as we join our existing Alliance Orthopedics locations in Fair Lawn and Bloomfield.

We know this is a change for our communities and want to be sensitive to those who have known us as NJ Spine and Wellness for many years. Our team will continue to work tirelessly to provide you with the same exceptional level of service that you have come to expect from us. We see Alliance Orthopedics as the next generation of orthopedic health and wellness. 

Rest assured, while our branding may be changing, our dedication to providing the best possible care remains unchanged. We remain motivated to elevate your experience as Alliance Orthopedics. 

A Letter From The CEO

We hope the FAQ section below can help ease your mind regarding this transition. If you have additional questions, please feel free to speak to your provider and ask to be contacted by an administrative team member.

Q: Why is the clinic rebranding?

A: We are rebranding to better reflect the high quality of our services available at our clinics. The union created within our team of orthopedic specialists, surgeons, conservative care providers and administration has accomplished the highest level of care for our patients and we see Alliance Orthopedics as the next generation of elevated orthopedic health and wellness.  As an alliance, we strive to use this teamwork and collaboration to collapse recovery time frames and get our patients back to living their active lifestyles, faster.

Q: Will my providers be changing?

A: All team members at your current facility will stay the same and there will be no changes to our hours of operation.

Q: Will I need to update my insurance information?

A: No, you do not need to update your insurance information. Alliance Orthopedics will continue to operate as an out of network facility meaning we accept out of network benefits from most major insurance carriers. We continue to be in-network with Medicare, and do not accept Medicaid. If you have questions about your insurance, speak to your providers and we are happy to do a complimentary verification of your insurance. 

Q: How will this change affect the care I receive?

A: This change does not affect the way we are structured or how we operate as a business and you will receive the same exceptional care you have come to know and expect.

Q: Will the phone number I call change?

A: The individual office phone numbers will remain the same. For new patients and to contact our care coordination team, please dial 877-5FASTER (877-532-7837).

Q: How is the website changing?

A: You can find us online by searching Alliance Orthopedics on any search engine including Google, Safari, etc or visiting us directly at allianceortho.com. Additionally, all of our old links including njspineandwellness.com and njsw.com will redirect to our new site. Featuring an improved interface and a refreshed look, the new site will still contain all the same provider content you currently use.

Q: What does this mean for my patient information and forms?

A: The only changes in your patient information, notifications or forms will be the name. You may see Alliance Orthopedics and All Be Healthy, LLC. Otherwise, your medical records will remain the same and accessible to our team. 

Q: Will your social media be changing?

A: NJ Spine and Wellness social media platforms will be merging with @AllianceOrthopedics. We kindly ask for you to follow us on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  to stay up to date on important group and health information.

Q: Where else might I notice a change?

A: In the coming months, you will begin to see the new branding appear in the form of office materials such as signage, brochures, pamphlets, posters and more. 

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