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ACL Repair at Alliance Orthopedics

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is a severe injury that may sideline you for months. Your ACL is the main stabilizing ligament in your knee. Damage to your ACL may cause significant pain and instability. Alliance Orthopedics specializes in sports medicine and ACL repair. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes physical therapy, strength training, and ACL reconstruction surgery.

The Benefits of ACL Repair

An ACL tear is most commonly seen in athletes, but anyone can tear their ACL. Treatment is essential to prevent further damage to the knee and restore function. Some of the benefits of ACL repair include:

  • Relief from pain and instability
  • Improved range of motion
  • Restored knee function
  • Ability to return to your previous level of activity

At Alliance Orthopedics, we are committed to helping our patients heal and return to the activities they love. If you have suffered an ACL tear, we can help you get better faster. Through our patient-centered approach to care and state-of-the-art modalities, we may optimize your recovery.

How An ACL Repair Is Conducted

At Alliance Orthopedics, we will assist you in healing your ACL injury as effectively as possible. Therefore, before your procedure, our physical and occupational therapists will work with you to regain as much function and range of motion as possible. This will help you recover more quickly after surgery and reduce your risk of complications.

During ACL surgery, general anesthesia will be used to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. Your surgeon will then make two small incisions in your knee. A tiny tube with a video camera on the end (arthroscope) will be placed into one of the incisions to get a clear view of the damage to your ACL. The second incision will allow surgical instruments to access the joint space.

Your surgeon will then repair the ACL by either attaching it to a new piece of tissue or using a graft from another part of your body. Once the graft is in position, your surgeon will secure it with screws or other fixation devices. The incisions will then be closed. 

Comprehensive Recovery at Alliance Orthopedics

Most ACL reconstruction surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you will go home the same day. Our surgeons will provide you with specific instructions for your recovery. It is important to continue your physical therapy and strength training as directed.

At Alliance Orthopedics, we offer a comprehensive approach to care that includes pre-operative education, physical therapy, and post-operative rehabilitation. Our goal is to help you get better as quickly as possible. If you have suffered an ACL tear, contact us today and begin your journey to recovery.

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