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5 Golf Game Saving Exercises

Injuries mean time away from the course. Who needs that? Our Physical Therapy and Athletic Training teams have hand-picked five of the best golf exercises that you can do to improve your game and stay healthy on the course.1. Weight Chop and Lift Pattern
Rotational core stability is paramount in every golfer’s swing. If you don’t have control of your body, you’ll look like an amateur!

  • Start in a ½ kneeling position with weighted ball out in front of you, arms extended
  • Shoulders and Head follow ball through pattern shown above, SLOWLY
  • Repeat 15x each side

2. Hamstring Stretch with Thoracic Mobility

Everyone’s swing can be limited by one of two things: 1. Stability throughout the movement and 2. Mobility to complete the movement. If you don’t have the range of motion to achieve full rotation in a golf position, you will never achieve the desired outcome.

  • Prop one heel on an elevated surface with the knee bent and hinge at the hips to stretch the hamstring
  • Keeping the lower extremity stable, rotate the trunk to end range and hold for 10 seconds. Rotate in both directions
  • Repeat 10 times per leg

3. Pallof Press

The Pro’s have shifted their training regimen to include a tremendous amount of core training. The Pallof Press is a staple to improve rotational stability and activate your core!

  • Start with band or cable column positioned at low position with arms close to your body even with your sternum
  • Using a slow and controlled movement extend arms out from body keeping mid line position. Don’t let the tension drag you away from the midline
  • Repeat 3 sets of 10 facing each direction

4. Thoracic Rotation with Stable Base

A house is only as strong as its foundation! This exercise trains your lower body to remain stable as you rotate through the swing cycle. Focus on your center of gravity and shifting your weight appropriately.

  • Squeeze a Physioball or similar object (you can even use 2 pillows) between legs in functional golf stance
  • Lock a club or dowel between your arms and rotate your trunk while keeping hips stable and eyes on the ball. Hold rotation for 5 seconds then switch sides
  • Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions per side

5. Hip Diasassociation

When mobility is reduced, it leads to added stress on the lumbar spine. Hip disassociation is a key to a healthy golf swing.

  • Align yourself in your natural set up position
  • While maintaining your trunk neutral position, rotate your hips into your backswing. Return to neutral and repeat 10-15x
  • Rotate your hips into your follow through (hips pointed at the target!) Return to neutral and repeat 10-15x.
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